Students Living On Campus

On campus residents receive the Edinburgh All Access Plan automatically.   This All Access Plan give you unlimited access to Scots Dining seven days a week.  Unlimited access includes multiple visits throughout the day for meals, snacks or even just to sit with friends not just for big eaters! Its like having your kitchen from home right outside your residence hall (or classroom). Grab what you want, when you want it or just go to socialize. Convenience and flexibility is enhanced by continuous dining hours offered every Monday-Friday from 7am to 7pm.   If you would like to select a different plan, select a plan below or stop by the Dining Services Office.

All campus residents will automatically receive the same plan that they had the prior semester and may select a different plan within the first week of the semester.  Students living off campus will need to sign up each semester.

Unused Flex Dollars roll over from the fall to spring semester and expires at the end of the spring semester.  Unused meals associated with the Haddington and Aberdeen plans do not roll over to the next week.  Unused meals associated with the Perth plan expire at the end of the semester. 

Need help with your meal plan?

Campus Dining Office

(309) 457-2211